*Free* "Alien-skin" and "Egg" procedural

(bmax) #1

Download those leet textures. I made them a few months ago, and just rememberd about them today.

Here you go:

  1. Alien Skin
  2. Egg



So don’t you dare bitch about me not contributing to the community.


(Loy) #2

“seite nicht gefunden”, is what I get when I click the links.

(bmax) #3

Gaah! I’m dumb. I uploaded to one server and linked to another… %|

(nehpets) #4

maybe post an example image up for people to see what the textures look like…

(bmax) #5

I guess people don’t like the materials since there I haven’t gotten any feedback from those 270 viewers. If nobody likes them enough to comment, I’ll take them off my server. Every download uses up bandwidth, after all. :-?

(Khnum) #6

I think they look cool, just don’t have a need for them atm. :slight_smile:

(nehpets) #7

try posting it here

(fakeplastic) #8

I am just posting to bitch about you not contributing to the community. :stuck_out_tongue: Just Kidding.

Thanks for the materials. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but the alien skin looks quite repulsive, which is great.

Thanks again.

(bmax) #9

Woot! Someone actually likes it! :smiley:

I’m not sure how to license this, maybe someone can give me a tip. For now, treat it as Public Domain.

(Spin) #10

Woa, it is less than 24 hours. Give us a chance, this is my first look.

Good stuff. I added it to my “folder” of Blender stuff. Soon I’ll have enough stuff to burn a DVD.


Now I need a procedural for “real” human skin. That would be nice.

(greboide) #11

i am a newbie so i was wondering when would i be able to do such thing with procedural textures, they are just crazy.(i love crazyness)

I have a question that is a bit offtopic but i dont bother if someone complaint :
couldnt be the colors made with periodical elements just like in nature?(if my question is too crazy you dont have to answer).

(bmax) #12

I’d be glad to help, but what exactly are they? :o

(greboide) #13

i dont know exactly but i was wandering something that aproximate how the colors and materials are made in reality with the one created by the
computer but that was just a thought dont bother yourself with it, it think that you have more importants things to do at the moment, thanks for the reply. About the periodical elements i dont know exactly also if are they the responsibles for the colors.