Free_ality's F1 Project

Well I decided its time to post what Ive been working on in my spare spare time(yes, you read that right)…

Its still pretty basic, Im brainstorming how to really spice it up… Everyone is doing flying stuff this year, so Im trying to think of a more unique style of wheels…Something other than uniwheels etc. I’ll have to get back to you guys on that.

Anyway, critiques and thoughts are welcome,

peace out.

The back looks a little high off the ground.
Are the back wheels going to be really huge?

looking great already!
ill be sure to keep an eye on this thread

Speaking of wheels have you ever seen these omindirectional wheels. They allow a vehicle to travel in any direction.



Looking forward to the spiced-up version…:evilgrin:

If you want an unusually drive system check out the marsh screw:

@Freen: You know, Im not really sure. I modeled it like that, But nothing’s set in stone yet.

@Jeeps: Hey man, thanks!

@technojoe: Thanks for the info! I’d never seen those before, they give me an idea…

@blenditall: Haha, thank you.

@DichotomyMatt: That is cool. Thanks for the link!

By the way, since I can tell you used nodes, can I see the setup? I know rendering isn’t the main point of the image, but I was just curious.
But don’t go to the trouble if it’s just your generic ‘blur and mix with original’ setup. :wink:

Looks good so far. Sometimes to spice things up, all it takes is some random pipes and shapes.

@Blenditall: Haha, faaarrrr from generic. No, thats about it. I mess with the color curves a bit, but apart from that, pretty generic stuff.

@nfollmer: Since I know very little about cars, thats pretty much the plan. Haha, thanks, good luck!

haha looks awesome. maybe u could use little balls for wheels

it would make for an unusual ride if that is the angle of mobility for the finished project.
good start, let’s see more.

since everyone is suggesting wheels for you, have a look at
the rocker bogie used on mars rover mission. Even for its problems, NASA hasn’t given up,
and the design concept is very interesting robotics.

@Blubernudget: Thanks! Thats one wheel style Ive though of, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

@chip4brains: Very true, Ive worked that out a bit since. Rocker boogie? I’ll definitely be googling that. Thanks!

Ive done a fair bit of tweaking, and have found what will likely be the final wheel style. Im still working out how to beef this thing up further, and theres a fair bit of detailing to do, but thats another story.

There are a few shader kinks that need working out, but Its starting to come along now.

All critiques and thoughts welcome,


Hm. Looking pretty cool, though I would have liked it to stay in a more upright position. How many tracks have you got on the bottom? If there’s only one, how will it steer?

Haha, good point! I was thinking of doing two, but teh thing was looking a little… too angry.

Small update:

I may put the tread wheels back, but I like these better…Still working out how to support the back.

I’ll be back later with something epic, dont worry.

Hmm… I like it…it’s hard to evaluate it without seeing the back wheels as well though…

Like the new wheels much better then the tracks. Makes it look more like a racing vehicle. For the back how about one big sphere wheel which can turn 360°

Agree with musk about the chucking out of the tracks. Someone else is doing a sphere rear wheel though, so not the best idea. Overall sweet design.

Leave it like that, front has balls and the back flies.