Free alphas/brush-sets for sculpting!

free alphas @ by wayne, check it out! i mean it! ^^

Thanks, Felix_Kütt, for pointing these out, and thanks of course to dashdotslash for posting them. :slight_smile: I took a quick look at the reptile skin file, there’s eleven different jpg images with lizard, snake, alligator and dragon scale patterns. Very cool! They are grey scale and look like they’d make good gimp brushes for making tileable bump maps.

Since I don’t know anything :confused: about using the sculpt tool yet, is there a tutorial explaining how to use them for sculpting?

Orinocco- Select the object you want to sculpt. Click the tab that says “Object Mode”. Select sculpt mode. Click the brush tab in the edit buttons. Select any texture listened. Voila. You now have a sculpt brush.

If you want to use the brush on a mesh, the mesh will have to be extremely high resolution (have millions of polygons). Click the button that says “Make Multires” (it’s very similar to subsurfing).

The new Texture Paint applet for image painting inside Blender also allows you to use texture brushes. see the wiki, of course, I just updated it with this info about an hour ago. very cool. U can use procedural or image textures as brush patterns.

so they can have multiple uses! yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you trying to get me to download 2.43 before it’s released as stable? :eek:

There’s nothing that would stop you :smiley: The 1. Release Candidate is also fairly stable already:


Absolutely not. I would never recommend that you take advantage of all the hard work put in the last 6 months to use these great new features; instead, for you mortals, I highly recommend you stick with your old, outdated, deficient, lacking, sorry old versions.

(Uhh, Frank, you can put away the gun now.)

Bwahahaahaahaaa! ROFLOL

Hey, hey, hey! That’s BLENDER you’re talking about!

jeah, but when comparing sorry old blender t a new blender, hmm…

Whenever I select brush and a texture and try to paint to my mesh it just blanks out the entire 3d view.

Any idea what the problem is?

hey zog, what video card do you have?
oh and you might want to allso ask LetterRip (hope i got the username right :D)

zog,check technical support. It’s gotta be an OpenGL driver problem. sorry for your trouble. You can always use an external image editor, like Gimp, and then just load it into the UV/Image editor.

Great brushes! I have Mudbox so I will try them out…( also can’t wait for the Blender )

well ofcorse they are great, why else would i post a link :eyebrowlift:
-have fun & enjoy em! :evilgrin: