Free alternative to Mudbox - 3D Brush

Here it is, in beta stage free

The name decieves a little, looking at the video it looks like you paint normal maps and see them in real time in the program.

Also, there’s a few grammatical errors (I understand if it’s not developed in the US).
The video is very poor at showing all the tools and true capabilities, all it showed was the word Hi that was copied and pasted. They should bring in a Dragon mesh and show scales being detailed into it.:smiley:

Overall, looks like a nifty program, it may turn into something good in the future.

This program is developed in Russia

Hi Kic,

Had a look at this app - yes the english needs cleaning up - makes it hard to figure out things here and there. Also I noticed if I left the app open on the desktop - I got an intermittent bad flicker, the screen breaks up across the center. Its a regular thing. My vid card - GeForce 7600 GS - Directx 9 latest

Another question - can you navigate the work area? If so how, no mention in the manual.


SharpConstruct and Blender seem to be a kinda free alternative to MudBox, but maybe without as many features. ZBrush is definately an alternative to MudBox, in that it even had Box modeling now.

Look neat. Finally a texture clone tool! Wohoo!

But I suppose this one won’t be free forever…

still quite slow atm

Nice find, downloading! will try later

i will try, and if it is good and I will ask for price, and if it is cheap I will buy.