Free alternative to one specific CGCookie course?

So this CGCookie course has piqued my interest:

However, I can’t afford to pay for the official course. Because I’ve scoured the web for years looking for SOMETHING that can help me, and I finally found something promising, I wanna know if there’s any free alternatives that are similar, as well as decent quality.

I’m not sure if this is the problem I’m facing with my modeling, but it seems to be related. If it’s not, my only other theory currently is it has to do with my apparent complete and utter lack of creativity, which if that’s the case, means I’m quite royally screwed, and I’ll have to wait another 3 years before I stumble upon another gift from above like this.

Please, if you know where I can find an alternative that doesn’t cost money, let me know. I’m in desperate need!

Hi mate, I’m also looking for the same thing for quite few days now. If you find something please do let me know :slight_smile: