[Free and Paid] Terrain Nodes Add-on

A new update will be coming soon to the terrain output node:


Stress testing Terrain Output Node with a 4096x4096 resolution mesh, the mesh is updated with every node and every 200 cycles in the simulation engine.

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Added some new nodes terrace filter and reaction-diffusion (not yet in official release).

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Really nice, I like the detail. So, does the erosion automatically add some noise or does this already happen in the terrace filter (I am assuming the spherical gradient is symmetrical).

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Thanks! :slight_smile: The hydraulic erosion by itself will create random noise, but there is also a setting to randomize the flow of water and other factors. The terrace filter can also have texture as input to randomize the terrace height.

Working on the next update!

By locking the XY axis in the sculpt brush settings I can sculpt the terrain and feed the result right back into the erosion node tree. This will be in the 1.1.0 release. You can do this now, but you will need to click “Refresh Geometry” each time in the Grid Input Node to update the height map.


Version 1.1.0 has been released!

Note: Previous node setups will have different behavior with this new release due to many changes that had to take place. This should not happen again in future releases.**


This release includes new example files due to above note:

Iceland.blend includes a procedural grass shader, procedural cloud shader and geometry nodes generated cloud object:

reef.blend includes procedural terrain material and advanced water shader:

  • New Diffusion Plates Node:

  • New Gradient Node:

  • New Status Bar (old one was removed from inside the Erosion Node):

  • New Add menu. User can add a terrain object that will erode as soon as added and load a simple Terrain Nodes setup as well as a default material. Add menu also has an option to add a Terrain Nodes plane that uses Displacement or Micro Displacement:

  • Improvement to the Sediment Slippage erosion algorithm, now slightly faster and better handles stable slope angle.
  • Improvements to Thermal Erosion, now also effects Rock layer.
  • Texture Baking now uses CPU by default, this was desired for higher resolution bakes that could not fit on the GPU (let me know if you want an option to choose GPU).
  • Large code refactor and restructuring for future development.
  • Fixed deleted objects hanging around.
  • Slightly faster speed for Noise generator nodes.
  • Removed some settings from the Erosion Node for complexity reduction. Options can be still found in the advanced settings.
  • Improvement to noise algorithms for simulations only.
  • Various minor improvements to erosion and simulation algorithms as well as fixes.
  • Various usability improvements.
  • Additional improvements to GPU out of memory protection.
  • New “Auto Scale Parameters” option in the erosion node. This option attempts to preserve the same erosion result at every scale. At 512x512 resolution it has no effect, but anything above or below will be scaled (mainly designed when going to higher resolutions for the final erosion). It works by scaling total number of cycles, rain frequency, and many other parameters from a base 512x512 resolution.

Any thoughts on adding a tool to add erosion types to blocked out rock models for different cliff types and large rocks for generating texture on it I use houdini a lot and this is something i always thought would be interesting but i just don’t have the knowledge to build a tool. as well as taking a statue or a a wall and adding erosion to it would make my game work flow and others a hell of a lot faster.

Is it also possible to generate different masks for different erosion layers for texturing ?

Hmm, on first question that would a completely different tool. I would think Houdini probably has a workflow for that or maybe one could be found online.

As for second question, yes you can export generated layers as images for texturing!

I think for a new tool that would be pretty cool, and honestly amazes me how you achieve a better erosion then houdini.


better erosion then houdini

Thanks!! :smiley:

Hello very awesome addon ! i dont know how you calculate the rain/water erosion but if its possible it would be nice if we could output splines for those erosions so we can use them as creek/river guides.


Hey, thanks!!
The way the addon works is by simulating water flow, so there is not a way that I know of to get a spline from that unfortunately!

Added links, as well as a free version!

Get Free/Demo Version Here (erosion limited to 512x512 resolution)

Get Paid Version Here