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That’s what happens when you call Sago a crybaby.



There’s about three people on this forum who keep posting under the mistaken belief that they are humourous. Well newflash, you aren’t.

This is getting stale and boring – Correction, it’s already there.

I agree, Sago, if you are going to insult people, think a little bit longer and be classy, this is not 7th grade so why are the insults sounding like it especially with the crudeness? I mean come on, what’s the deal? You recently snapped and are going to attack us with lame insults? Honestly man. %|

[email protected] - we can’t all have your great sence of humor. Besides, who said anything about being funny?

Btw. who’s person nr. 3?

Jackj - If you mean insulting like calling different people here women when it’s obvious they are not (like you did)… you’re absolutely right!

Lighten up people. It’s not like I’m breaking someones skull. Grab a Heineken and relax.

my my my, looks like vibroman (Sago) is in trouble. so his trusty sidekick Wuman to the rescue.

Sago, it looks like to help you through this i will need to run you through the “insult training course” one more time. then you can show Alltaken “what its like”!!

how to insult somone tutorial #1

step one
find a photo of the person you wish to insult. here i have sago. this pathetic ass posted a picture of him self (on the left) and his test tube looking brother.

step two
once you have the photo begin to look for weaknesses.

example A- find a physical weakness. i noticed sagos eyes are all f##ked up. so i attacked them. they appeared to be sunken in or deformed. as if somone bashed them in. it is also a good time to insert a story of you physically beating the person. you take the two and add them together and you get comment example A.
example B- attack the genitals. you know the person you are making fun of has small genitals, because if they had large ones you would not be making fun of them they would be making fun of you. so find a way to exploit that. here i see sago has on a cheap knock off watch. it appears to be the size of a hood on a car so you know he is trying to make a statement. what kind of statement. understand this big=small, big watch=small pipe… end of story.
example C- attack a member of their family. here sago made the large mistake of including his half dead brother in the photo. take advantage of it. if you notice the brothers head is twice the size of sagos head, this means he is mutant like, exploit that (see first comment for brother).
second he has a drunk “i drink urine” stare on his face, take advantage of that too (see second comment).

step 3
post the photo and laugh hard, victory is yours.[/quote]

so that is just a tutorial. another thing you may want to use is the fact that alltaken has been made fun of many many times. use the past knowlege to your benefit!

Ecks former thread bashing Alltaken

Wu’s former image bashing Allatken

and on a final note

i’m guessing this is your classic humor claim to fame? %| also i’m guessing i’m one of the other two people who you find painfully unfunny.

one more final note.
moderators, i know this thread is going to be shut down, and i know you are really getting tired of Sago and I. so i appologize for the both of us. i will not respond here anymore. i love you all. please dont bann me and Sago. i know we are both 27 and act like we are 12 but you see…well their is no excuse…sorry…


Are you also 27?

Guys, this has gotten out of hand and I strongly urge you to bring this all to an end here.

The taunting and personal disrespect has gone way over the line.