FREE animation kit needs your help!

Dear blender community,

“Flattiefolks Animation Kit”, the free 2d cutout animation suite for blender needs help.

While anyone can download and use the tool freely for blender 2.79b, I would like to adapt and release it also for the latest blender version 2.80 (and above) & maybe give it new features.

But before not solving the following core problem, the upgrade might not be doable:

“The kit involves a bigger number of required workspaces (formerly known as blender “screens”) and a simple selection handling of these workspaces, which unfortunately got worse with blender 2.80’s new UI (-> tedious horizontal selection in 2.80 vs. easy screens dropdown menu in 2.79b).”

Can anybody help out with some useful suggestions or scripts to make a better workspace selection menu/experience within blender 2.80 and above possible?

(An existing “workspaces pie menu” plugin (mentioned here on sounds promising, but unfortunately seems not to be ready for the task yet.)

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Seems we have a pretty well working solution, thanks to ba member roaoao :