Free Animation resources

Where could I find some non-copyright resources for animation? I’m afraid to use audio conversation from movie as voice-over because of video could be flagged as copyright.

The short answer is “Do it Yourself” I have found that all sorts of crackpot numpties claim copyright for my own music works, played by me, arranged by me, etc. whenever I publish a video, even those when the music score was first published prior to 1923 - it’s amazing what people will do on YouTube, and other similar locations. So if it is music, make sure it was first published prior to 1923 (it has to be over 95 years old to be in the public domain) and make sure you amend things slightly, like instrument changes, then standby to refute all the bogus and spurious copyright claims. For dialogue, just voice it yourself, or with your mates and then use that. I am not sure where you stand on quoting a passage from a film verbatim, I guess someone will try to put shitty adverts on your videos if they think they recognise it from somewhere.

Cheers, Clock.