Free Animator to help guide me on discord. I have a Rigged blender model

I have These Character in Fbx Format can you help animate 10 Seconds Of Animation. Please, I’m asking you kindly, I don’t want waste my money on something very simple. There is no rendering at all this is practice for me.

HI, i am sorry but i have to comment on this post. To animate realistically in 3d takes years to perfect, people spend big money on studying animation
and you think it is possible for anyone to guide you for free?
good luck.

With Technology of Pixar, everything is free. Education that takes only a few days to learn, time easy. When you have the world’s 10 most powerful render workstation it takes only a week to do the job.

Yes, I figured out the tutorials thanks a lot for your wisdom.

Sorry, i miss read your post. you want to be directed to the right animation tutorials on you tube?
that is possible.
here is a good start: