Free appliaction to delete locked file/directory on windows?

sometime file or directory are locked( which does not have a hidden/system attribute) so that we can’t delete it easily. Is there any free software can kill this kind of file or directory? If it can be run as a command line software, it could be better.

I found that the simplest way to sort this was boot to Linux from a live boot usb.

If you don’t like the CLI and need a GUI then Ubuntu or if your woes are more hardcore then Kali Linux

If not, then any of these You should be able to get rid of any stubborn files and fix whatever ails your Windows install…

The “locked” attribute is intended to function like the safety on a gun – to prevent an unwanted misfire by making it a two-step process. (I don’t recall if the delete-file command in Windows has a “force” option …)

But modern versions of Windows also have a fully-developed policy based security model with the concept of file ownership and security/access rules. This keeps you from deleting “someone else’s” files, or files that belong to the operating system, and so on. The owner of the file, and/or system administrators, determine what you can and cannot do.

P.S.: The presence of this security model is also a reason why you should never run your system as an “Administrator.” Practice the Principle of Least Privilege. The foot you save will be your own.

Yesterday I had to kill a stubborn Windows process to be able to delete a file. I used the free Autoruns tool to fix the problem.

after some download-test, finnally I use