Free As In Free Beer

Got a sudden inspiration while thinking about some licensing stuff. :smiley:

The wing glow and the blur effect with gimp.

this beer does have angelic side-effects?

No!!! Come back!! Don’t fly away!


Good joke.
I was trying to catch the “free” beer. But it nearly flew away.
I did however purchase 9 % beer in the local tank station and got my fill for the weekend

:smiley: :smiley: D :smiley:


The only thing that I miss with this picture is depth. It needs realism and depth.
The message is clear and very well presented, but in order to convey the message
you need realistic materials.

take care,

Hehe, I wasn’t aiming for realism. :wink:

I think I can get your vision :slight_smile: three angels like this visited me yestarday :slight_smile: cheers

lol, they always so that as an excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, they always so that as an excuse :P[/quote]
And beer has wings.

Praise free beer! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a german advertisement for “Red Bull” which sais:
“Red Bull verleiht Flüüüügel”
True spelling is “Flügel”
Translated it means something like:
“Red Bull provides Wings”

instantly, I had to think about that advertisement :slight_smile:

perhaps you should then that one to Red Bull ^^

Yes, we’ve had that ad in Finland, too. :wink:

…and in Poland. Same shit, different name, basically. %|

Love the idea of your scene, but I really need to say that the absence of froth on top of the beer really makes it look wrong. Beer without froth is apple-juice, as far as I’m concerned (or coke if it’s Guiness).

Cheers (literally this time ;)),


Yes and in English we have “Red Bull gives you wings”

I think redbull give you wings sounds better, why they change the slogan country to country, burger king in Japan is “I love this taste” instead of “I love this place”