Free Automagic HDRI lighting solution OpenSource and python scriptable

For anyone that’s interest in creating realistic lighting setups quickly. You’ve got to look at this:

This video shows a workflow using this standalone application (Win, OSX, Linux) to browse and choose HDRI setups for image based lighting which is then pushed to Maya (or any 3D app).

They have loader scripts for most 3D apps, unfortunately not Blender, but it’s also noted that it’s easy to create new templates in python.

Someone please create a script for this I’d be forever in your debt.

hope someone finds this useful:yes:

well, if you often do HDR lighting, there’s potential to save some time.

but imho not much. at least if you do it just occasionally like me :slight_smile:

The quality is amazing. It’s like having Hypershot, but Open Source and on Steroids!

The sad thing is, that we could have had something like this years ago if the IBL patch had been pursued.

No HDRI in BI, It seems blender internal renderer developing by broken heart developer :frowning:

It’s true we don’t have GI in Blender but this is still extremely useful when using the “environmental lighting” setting and choosing “sky texture” as the source. Give it a try with a typical Environment/HDR texture/AngMap setting.

Like was mentioned earlier… what this does is basically lets you browse your own library of Environments (angmap, hdr images) from withing the app and the the “loader script” pushes it to the correct texture slots and mapping settings in your 3D application. If you watch the video in the link you can see how much time you would save trying different environments.

Todays workflow is:

Select “environment”, go to “texture” tab, load image, change mapping to ang mapping, turn on “environmental lighting”, choose “sky texture”. Tweak settings.

This app does:
Browse existing HDR library (modify/blur images from within app), start python script (loader script) and voila it’s all mapped correctly, thanks to python.

Not happy with the results? just browse the app, select another, run script again.

As everyone knows this type of lighting approach takes renders to a whole new level of realism… without GI.

I really wish I knew python since it’s probably as simple as telling the images where to be assigned.