Free .Blend for you to fix!

Hey, I’m a total beginner on this stride thing, and none of the tutorials have helped me. I’ve got the animation, but can’t make it go forward! Can you have a look, please?

Check out for full coverage of the stride bone principle. There’s no way I can explain it more clearly than this guy has. At the bottom half you’ll find a perfect tut on setting up a walk cycle and putting it on a path. Worked for me and I was a newbie too. Just read it well and leave nothing out.
But…the stride bone is already history. Check out this thread: You’ll need the latest Blender CVS build for this functionality.

I agree !

Forget the stride bone thing !

I’ve never been able to figure out how to make it work.

The “new” stride feature is great and very simple. (Well the basic "move forward thing is anyway … following a path is a bit more complex, but Ton is working on simplyfing it. Even in it’s current state the “Deform Modifier” (follow path) is much better than the old stride bone mechanism).


Thanks guys, I thought something was up, with hardly any up to date coverage of it.

I agree, the new stride methods in CVS are better than this.
Anyhow, here is how to fix your blend:

  1. select armature, clear parent (alt+p)
  2. select path, clear scale (alt+s)
  3. go in editmode (tab), select all vertices, w + “switch direction”
  4. scale the path up again (but this time in editmode)
  5. leave editmode (tab)
  6. select armature, move to right end of path
  7. shift-select path, ctrl-p to parent armature to path (“normal parent”)
  8. done (alt-a to show animation)