FREE Blender 2.5 game-ready palm trees!

Hello fellow blender users :D, here is my small contribution to the blender community. Its a .RAR file that includes 3 good quality game-ready palm trees, the palm frond textures and palm leaf normal map, and the .blend file :wink: Hope u like them and happy blending


heres it is:

palm trees.rar


If u download the file, dont forget to tell me what u think of the models and how they can be improved,ok?

thanks and happpy blending :slight_smile:

Please simply edit your original post to add more to it. Without screen shots, you may not get a lot of responses - there are lots of people with great intentions offering low quality work for free. I’m not saying that’s the case here - I have not looked at your trees. I’m saying people will be more likely to download and comment on your tress if you show some screens. Thanks for the contribution.

They look like great palm trees - good texture, and good job making them low-poly. Nice job.

Thanks SolarLune, i had fun making them actually and it took less time than i thought it would (1 hour,which includes making the textures ;)) Btw, i like your website alot!

One hour? Really? Wow, that’s skill.

Anyway, thanks, man. I thought I made have had too many ads on my site… Glad to know they’re not too distracting.

Great models, love quality low poly stuff. Any chance you would like to share these on Blendswap.comIt’s super easy to do and a great way to give back to the community. Anyways keep up the good work and sharing wherever you want.

very nice trees
only 300 points each ^^

is that good? i wasn’t sure if that was low-poly for just being three palm trees.The ^^ confuses me LOL:D

From the screen shots, they look great! They have a nice look that is somewhat realistic and somewhat cartoony.

Thanks Rob, i think the cartoony look is due to the lighting and background. I made them for an island FPS that im currently working on and i hope they look realistic when put in a little different environment, i hope :slight_smile:

that ^^ means it is good
damn good, very good
so at the end it means great ^^
if I wrote “good” it means bad but I didnt use “” here ^^
may be you can create a tut how you made those trees.
yeah and can I use them in my game ?
I am trying to make a game (still in a labor) and later I will need some decorations like trees, stone and so on

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@ xieu90,
That’s good to hear :slight_smile: I will definitely make a tutorial on how to make these trees, it will be posted in the tutorials section of the forum ok? I had no idea anyone would like them so much :slight_smile: and yes, they are free to use for personal and commercial use, however I do ask that anyone who uses them for commercial use gives me credit :slight_smile:

@ monster,
Thank you! How do I rate the thread though?

I’m looking forward to your tut ^^
I have tried to export your tree but then I got some error, something is not support in the engine I am using. I will try to export and load it somehow later

when you post the tut in tutorial section, can you tell us here in this thread ?
I’m just afraid I go somewhere sometime and miss out your tut ^^

Yea I’ll post the link in the thread as soon as it’s done. :slight_smile: if you subscribe to he thread you’ll get notifications of new posts. I should have the tutorial done by Thursday :wink:

Forgot to ask, what game-engine are you trying to export it into?

The trees are pretty good but it would be better if you added a normal map to the leaves with a little spec.

Thanks for the CC, i think thats a good idea… it would be my first time ever making a specmap though, could i use a simple program like the GIMP make one?

And I like the trees!