Free Blender 2.8 PBR Addon

In this video I show how to apply PBR textures to a simple model in Blender 2.8 using my free addon PBR Texture Mapper (PTM):

I hope you guys like it. I know that Node Wrangle also has this feature (a bit different but anyway), but the wrangler is currently not supported in Blender 2.8, so I wrote this helper.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

Node wrangler does this, ctrl + shift + T.

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Yes, but NodeWrangler is not migrated yet to Blender 2.8.

Thx a lot mate

Thanks for this. I do have another addon that does something similar. The only problem I still see with Blender is that you can’t drop several textures at once. That’s why the other addon has a menu to load the base_color and it loads the rest automatically but it doesn’t have the other options you added. Honestly the perfect spot would be just dragging and dropping the whole textures set and click on connect with your addon. I still don’t get it why they haven’t’ yet added this feature.

Did you add the displacement function too? Not even sure if its working yet as there is a new node for that too. Not entirely sure yet how things work now.

That’s a good point but I think in order to get this we have to open an issue for multi-file drag’n drop.

For the displacement I have to say that I haven’t dealt with that yet.

I agree we should consider requesting that option which in my opinion is a must. I do normally post in Right-Click Select but not entirely sure if this should be posted in the devs website.

Thank you so much for the add on. I like the fact that it is just a button; any new or novice user understand it right away. Will you add more? like transparent image.

I was going to create a post in Right-Click Select but your addon does pretty much what I wanted and I was wondering if you could add shortcuts because I think for advance users it will be much faster. Being able to change the shortcuts in the Addon preferences panel would be amazing. Any chance you could do that?

Yeah, will do. Any shortcut suggestions:-) ?

Will you be able to add custom shortcuts in the addon preferences? That’ would be much more appropriate as people might use this same shortcuts. I think the options should have proper names too as they are all called the same “Align nodes to active” it might work using icons but Maybe using Align Y to active, Match Width To Active, etc… would be more appropriate. It could also help when changing the shortcuts. There are 5 settings. For X Y Align you could use Horizontal = Alt+X / Vertical = Alt+Y / Width = Alt-S / Left = Alt-Z / Right = Alt-C. I think those are not used by Node Wrangler either.

Only, if customizable on addon list. Anyways, user can make its own - it only needs to be aware.

Good idea, will put this on my list

I’m trying to activate this plugin with latest Blender 2.80 Beta, a91886e76ebd
But it fails showing this error.

Yes, just working on this, the API has changed here.

Hi, I can’t get it to show up in Addon list. Maybe I compressed it incorrectly?

Very nice indeed, i hope we will see an update for fast carve for 2.8