[free]Blender Addon 2.8 - Envelope to Skin like Zphere

I’m working on new addon for help sculpting base mesh like Zbrush with Zsphere.
This is the video:

Download link in video desciption, let a like and subscrive for more update and free addon.

Thank you for this… there’s a similar tool in the Speedsculpt addon, but I have a question: Is there a way to make the finished mesh more closely follow the envelope shapes? In other words, the same shape as the envelopes but joined together… or perhaps the exact shape as the envelopes but not joined together?


Thanks for suggestion

This is a good idea, there is a need for such a thing in the sculpting module of Blender. Speedsculpt add-on has such a thing but there are still things to be added to it and as it seems its author has stopped its development for some personal reasons. So, it would be good to have a new add-on that focuses on getting to Blender such a tool with highly developed abilities.

Review, great addon btw


Thank you man!

Thank you. the great work

Does it work only with 2.82? I tried to install it to 2.81 and nothing happens.

I hope that you will give it a more distinctive name than Sculpt tools. There are SO MANY addons that have a variant of that… this could be called BSPHERES :smiley:

Nice what about scale bone (like zsphere) ?

You can scale stuff with Alt+S :slight_smile:

ok nice thx :slight_smile:

When I start in sculpt mode it looks like there is a display bug

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The Sculpting Preset Workbanch has some viewport element disable. You can enable it in the Viewport Overlay panel (top right of the 3D View). If you enable the Bones check box to it work.


ok Thanks :slight_smile:

New update:


This is not “like Zsphere”, this is “Zspheres on steroids” … modesty is a great virtue, but honestly, man, this is damn good addon! Thank you so much!


I am using Blender 2.9 and I created this

When I am converting it to envelop it turns out like this

I am suing default setting. Don’t know why this is happenng. I want to convert it to mesh and keep the shape. But somehow it is not working. Can you please help?

Envelop issue.blend (755.5 KB)

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First, you need to apply rotation at your armature object, I’ve tried your file, it work, but it only do a 90° roatation of the armature.
Try it on blender stable version like 2.91

Don’t know how you madenit work. But it os not working for me. Let’s try on 2.91 beta.

Update: it worked on 2.91 beta.

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