Free blender GE resources (model,tex,chars etc)


The GOAL 2 has been reached! New files to download!

A basic lamp placement script to give the illusion of a heavily lit environment.


Thanks everyone!

The[indiegogo]( page.

hey, this is very serious

What is going on?

need help to finish it?

No ,its a closed project.

What do you give for free?

Some props! Dont worry I am not going to ask thousands of dollars for it…i just want to get rid of it.

Hi, why not postin’ on blend swap for your free ones ?

when gives? :slight_smile: sorry english.

@JohnnyBlack, maybe you could decide on a price and and the community could pitch in for you to release it under an opensource license through a crowd sourcing platform like indiegogo?

Great stuff BTW

Siegel,you are right. I will create an indiegogo page,with a price(a small one ,i dont need much),and as i reach the target i will open source all the files, for free,for everyone!
This way everyone can help with a bit ,and then recive the entire project.

Good idea, looking forward to it.

you can post this topic on (see submint news link there)

Ok everyone , the indiegogo page is up.


only 500 dollars??? how?

check this out

if a few more people facebook + google plus this…


Abc,I know that I won’t ever be able to gain more that that,so I won’t even struggle.

upload the graph assets to te unity store and you will gain some more

Somebody just started! Thank you. Help,reach the target and I promise i will do "realistic assets if needed! Which would go “in the pack” !

dont forget! I am sure they will publish this news

Done! ^ I hope it gets approved.