Free blender GE resources (model,tex,chars etc)

Thank you BPR!

Ive put a lead in with blendernation but maybe you could write up a small article and submit it?

I already submited a post,now i hope they will approve it.

Eh well,sadly they didn’t approved ,saying I have no reputation and something like that . It the second time a game related post did not got approved.
Anyways,it’s up to you people around here …

Yeah I got the same response, might be worth starting another thread here aswell as in the news section of the forum also see if you can get any help from bgame(Anicator), gameblender, facebook and twitter

Just posted it under blender news here.
GameBlender seems quite ‘inactive’ to me.

Yeah although Im sure it would help if you could get more exposure.

I hope you are still willing to release it on an opensource license even if you don’t meet any of your targets it will go a long way to solidifying your position as a “trusted” artist which could gain you more exposure in the future.

I’m somewhat disappointed in the BGE community for their lack of interest and the blender media outlets in their lack of open objective news reporting.

It all seems very against the ideals blender stands for. :frowning:

Yeah well if I get somewhere around ,I will release it.

A friend of mine made a great suggestion, he said you might be better off releasing your work under an opensource license then starting a crowd sourcing campaign to to sell a tutorial on how it all works that way, your work being opensourced will get you recognition and exposure and you will probably be able to raise more funds as lots people would love a tutorial to understand how it all works, although it will require some effort making the tutorials it will be more in the spirit of blender.

Hmm,but what tutorial could i make anyway, most of them are just models that are waiting to be placed into levels.

You could make tutorials of any or all of the process. Modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, player control setup. You could even bring you latest work into it.

Here is something for inspiration

Really nice assets, I would be very much willing to chip in some cash (and tell others about it on and ), but what do you understand under “open-sourcing” exactly? Will you release it under a libre creative commons license (e.g. CC0, CC-by or CC-by-SA)?

P.S.: I assume this is all 100% your own work and doesn’t use unfreely (e.g. only gratis) licensed textures from cgtextures and the like?

It is only my work. And it was done entirely 1000% by me(except,see below). No cg textures or else…and afterall,cgtextures allows commercial use.
After i release the files, everything goes free for everyone,free to sell to distribute to do whatever you want,all without permission : CC0

Some SFX used some sounds, which were CC0 (You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.)

Ok sound great! P.S.: the problem with CG textures is that they don’t allow redistribution unless significantly modified, which is very unclear what that means exactly and makes them uncompatible with real open-source licenses. But it doesn’t matter, as none where used and CC0 sounds great! Off to register at indigogo then :wink:

Hope that helps! We have a lot of open-source enthusiast followers :slight_smile:

Edit: Also posted about it here:

Thanks Julius,for both ways of help.

Looks like you can start uploading the .blends to blendswap :slight_smile:

How about some strechgoals?

Yes! Thanks everyone ! I must get the files prepared a bit and then upload .
What you mean by stretch goals?

Well that’s a kickstarter/indigogo thing of trying to attract even further funds beyond the original goal by offering other nice things if a certain sum is reached. But IMHO it is pretty silly.
However if you have some more nice models to share, you might be able to attract some more funds.

Oh, well,yeah I have plenty of other stuff to share!As the funding goes on,I can release many other game resources.