Free Blu-ray maker

Any kind of free (preferably open-source) way to make our own blu-ray video discs that anyone knows of?

I’m not there is one yet - but eventually something will come out.

CDBurnerXP can burn Blu-Ray (and CD/DVD/HD-DVD). Windows only.

I kinda doubt you’ll find a Blu-Ray burner drive for free…

@ roofoo
LOL, granted. This is more of a hypothetical question.

Major misconception here…
BlueRay is hardware, and is specific to the laser being used in the “burner” to make the Blu-Ray disc. It is called Blu-Ray because it uses a Blue Spectrum Laser, which inherently has a more narrow beam of light than previous Burners, which then allows more information to be crushed into a smaller space, thus allowing their increased capacity. So, except for questionable “off-shore” knock-offs, that may or may not burn/read BluRay discs correctly, there won’t be any “OpenSource” version of the hardware. I expect there will be OpenSource software development related to this, wait and see.

Yeah, I’m sorry, I meant that I wanted an Open Source program to create the necessary stuff that you would then burn on a BD disc.

Of course, it’ll probably take awhile because, following global trends, BluRay is even more loaded with DRM and Copyright and Patent restrictions than even DVD. That stuff is such total crap.

Anyone have a BluRay player on their computer who could tell us about the file structure etc.?