Free Book Model

I’m experimenting with giving away some models from time to time. Here’s the first - a nice red book. High rez textures/ materials included. Opinions?
There is a link on the home page.
Here’s a render of the model.

Very nice but have few questions: Shouldn’t be corners and edges of that book more round? In theory what material are they made of? Are those wooden covers?

I agree with Andromeda. You could bevel or subsurf the model. Also, I would recommend normal mapping the pages to make it look more like individual sheets. Beyond that, your textures are excellent, though maybe a bit too ‘clean’ feeling.

The models are intended to be low poly, so I detailed them just enough. The pages are normal mapped, but not enough I suppose. The texture is a photo of an actuall book, so I’m not worried about the clean part. I sell them on Turbosquid, so I make models and textures that can be modified later. Thanks for the suggestions.