Free brick texture maker

I know this has been mentioned before by me, but it was a long time ago, and I thought it deserved an airing :smiley:

I tmay be use full to you.


Cool, that is a useful little tool. :smiley:

Beauty, ay? Thanks for putting the link up.

Now that is one cool tool! Before checking it out, I thought is would be some lame attempt at computer-generated brick textures, like some effects built into 2D paint programs (eg. Gimp).

But no, these are quality textures, I see they used photographs of actual bricks, plus the mortar is 100% real, its uneven, it sometimes flows over the bricks. Cool. And hundreds of brick types to choose from!
Now I’m busy extending my textures collection with 6000*3000 pixel textures :slight_smile:
edit: wow, just noticed you can “paint” the bricks one by one, simply select a brick type, and click onto any brick in the wall, and it changes.
So thanks for that link!

ps: there should be similar programs with stuff like wooden planks, metals, etc for other types of high-res textures, that would rock…