Free Brush Pack for Texturing of Metallic Surfaces (50+ different brushes)

This brush pack for texture painting includes 55+ different brushes for metallic surfaces, dirt, sand, grunge, metal paint, scratches – everything you need to create high quality materials or textures for weathered metal! This brush pack for the texturing mode has been created by Robert Ferenczi. Since he deleted the link on his website to the download for this, I decided to upload it to, but the file was too big (140mb), thats why I created this thread. He also made a few tutorials about how to use these different brushes effectively and also how to create a realistic and weathered metal material, but he also removed them from youtube. So I’m propably gonna make a few short tutorials on how to use this brush pack and when it’s done I’ll post the link down below. Short tutorial for those who can’t wait: 1.) Create a texture and paint the brushed metal. 2.) Create additional textures for sand, dirt or paint and erase them with the alpha scratch brushes. 3. Create a material for every layer of paint or dirt you have and use the alpha channel you created with the alpha scratch brushes as a factor to mix the materials.


Post the images you created with the help of this brush pack down below!

Can you please re-upload the files to Dropbox.