Free Bunny Character(*Updated*)

Hello All:

I am as done as I can be with the Bunny character so I would like to give it to anyone who wants to use it.

Some quick animations:
(this is a pre-textured pic).

Please enjoy!!!

you mind submiting it to our repository?

Thanks very much !

Great job !

Did you modify the ManCandy or Ludwig mesh? … or is it new? I’ve tried to hook up a new face to the Ludwig face controls without much success. Any tips you can offer on how to setup the

I’m always looking for char rigs, one of these days I’ll try to contribute one of my own :smiley:

A couple of suggestions / modifications that I made.

  • parent the Face armature to the ‘cube.001’ (which I renamed to
    FaceControls) … parent the ‘FaceControls’ object to the ‘body’ bone. … Unhide the body bone, put it on ‘armature layer’ 2

  • rotate the hip bone and scale it so it sticks out the back for a more obvious handle

  • parent the hip bone to the body bone, so moving the body bone carries everything (although it looks like moving the armature in Object mode


Vitaly I have uploaded the file.

Mike S: Thanks! The mesh and facial controls are completely original. I just used their techniques for animation/armature. You can’t modify a mesh that has shape keys assigned to it. That is, you can’t add or delete vertices.

Thanks for the modifications! I hope that everyone feels free to modify the armature and make it better ;). I admit I was a little lazy on completing the details of the armature. But that is because I got so involved in the facial setup. Perhaps someone such as yourself would like to make such modifications and post a link to the new better setup.

I hope to here more from people who are checking out the character.

thank you for the submision

Thanks for sharing, Woodman5k! :slight_smile:
Looks like you put allot of work into it, shapekeys in the clothes, face.

And it looks like you incorporated the “scale” property for the fingers. Good work!

The only thing the rig seems to be missing are IK bones, but then again some people like to animate without IK.

Hello all,

I have updated and improved my bunny character.  Please feel free to download it and use it for whatever whenever.


  • Filed the bones to bone layers for easier handling.
  • Made some changes to the facial drivers and improved some of the shape keys.
  • changed the eyes to follow a single bone for action editor support.

The file is in the first post.

Calvin: Thanks, I did put a lot of work into this. I left the arms IK free because I prefer animating them that way…I am a control freak! hehe :slight_smile: just joking.


Thanks again !

What did you improve with the shape keys?

I did a quick test, but don’t see any real difference with the older version.


Thanks Mike S.

I added shape keys for iris deformation.

I changed the oooowwww driver and the snarl drivers a little.

The changes were very minor.

hey dude, very nice modelling, and thanks for sharing…
although he scares me a bit :stuck_out_tongue: