Free camera.

I made this a short time ago, to ‘learn the ropes’ (?) of normal mapping in the BGE. It took me 1 day modelling and another texturing and UV mappin =D

So heres an outdated Polaroid camera! lol

Here’s the blend - camera.blend

Arrow keys rotate the camera
Space bar to open and close it
Left Ctrl to take picture

If anyone happens to use this in their game you dont need to credit me or ask permission, just dont claim it as your own. =p

wow nice, it’s outdated though. I want a digital camera :frowning:

I looks just…perfect?!
Good work!

lol thankz =D
I’m still confused about a few things with normal mapping, like why i had to rotate it 180 degrees for it to not bake in that dark yellow colour…
so I guess I could make a (less outdated) camera while learning a proper way of making normal maps
Edit: OK… Just realised I can’t take a picture of a camera of itself LOL so Ill just do something else (soz Zarnik)

When you baked the normal map, were you sure to bake it as a tangent normal map, or just whatever the default was? (probably view) That tends to get me, as well as setting it to tangent when plugging the normal map back in.

Other than that, it looks solid to me.