Free Canon

Free Canon with toon shader no gsl
:DSpecial thanks to Gamemaster for his cool toon shader tutorial!!


Really really good, it actually inspired me to make a gun that used a similar method… :o but i think i will just leave this technique to ppl that can actually use it well.

hmm, the only thing I don’t like about, is that the files are deleted after 5 months, so if someone is looking for a canon, then find this after 5 months, they won’t be able to use it because pasteall only keeps files for 5 months. (it says this below the “Upload File!” button)

you should use:

Except that’s not even safe, because their files may be removed at any time. There’s a few you can trust :slight_smile: Mediafire is the safest, I guess, but the adds suck. File Front is also good, and if your file is small enough, just put it on blenderartists as an attachment :slight_smile:

Way off topic,
lol, the canon, I don’t know, I had fun with it. I felt like I was shooting bombs in a zelda game (wind waker)
I mean it was fun even just target shooting XD

But yeah, it’s awesome dude :slight_smile:

wow this is pretty cool, I likey

The canon set-up is alot alike Mario 64 ^^
but it’s a awesome canon for sure