Free Cars (need texturers)

Here are some free cars and trucks, I just need people to texture them (professionally lol). If you texture it, please re-upload it with a picture.

All cars are free for personal and commercial use, just please give credit to JesusFrk14 and a link to (if it doesn’t disrupt your credit system at all).

Car name: 2002 Isuzu Trooper Offroad Truck
Description: An mild offroad truck with spare tires (three), brush guard, and lights.


Isuzu Trooper.blend (178 KB)

Nice, nice.
I can be your textureartist for some cars.
You can adjust the colour with the basic material colour :smiley:
NOT finished


Hmmm yeah, but I think it’s a bit to plain just a solid color. Maybe GLSL could fix that though, I dunno xD but that looks cool :smiley:

Oh yeah I can do wheel textures. Sorry I didnt add those already. I have a ton of wheel textures.

And can you make it mud caked? Like it was off roading? :smiley:

yea sure.
I told you it wasn’t finished
Ill add mud, but you can still change colour!


Here’s some mud


Looking good =D

Car: Ford Fesita (reference)
Description: Small compact sports car
Texture request: red with two white stripes

Updated with new car with textured wheels


Fesista.blend (212 KB)

There you go, your Isuzu!
As you can see, the colour is still changable!
Please upload the wheels, ill add them!


Nice work! Really good stuff there, thanks. More windows? :stuck_out_tongue: yeah I’ll get you those wheels, but you might have to mud those up also.

Nah, not more windows I guess.
Please upload the wheels and ill ad hem.
Ill start with the ford tomorrow

Ok here is the isuzu with the wheels (please keep them on top on the blue one, the others dont need them).


Isuzu Trooper.blend (430 KB)

Et viola, Done.
Ill do the fort tomorrow, k?
The car:

Ok yeah tomarrow. oh yeah what about the blend files? :stuck_out_tongue:

I uploaded them :smiley:

Ok thanks :smiley:

Oh wow that picture up there JUST showed up, haha.

I’ll take a try at the Fesita. You want mud on that?

Na, just red with white stripes.

These are very good cars! Thank You!

yuo are welcome :smiley:

Okay, here is the textured Fesita. Tell me if you think it needs improvements.
(Screenshots on next page.)


Fesista.blend (271 KB)