Free chair asset

Recently I wanted to make a quick modern chair asset inspired by another one I found on pintrest. Here is the final render, but I am also going to provide a low resolution version here as well which is yours to download free and use however you like. My only ask is that you do not attempt to sell or redistribute. The 2k textures are not particularly great for close up product shots like my final render, which was done in Lux core instead of cycles, but it does a fine job as a background element, and almost all of it still has geometry that supports SubD, so if you want to smooth it into a higher poly version, it will probably work perfectly fine. The only area that might be questionable is the pillows. I will be honest that the low res version was an afterthought so I did not exactly set myself up for success in retopologizing them so really I just cleaned up a lot of the extra unnecessary tris and called it a day. All of that said, as mentioned, the textures packed in the blend file ARE 2k, but I will post the high-resolution asset with original 4k canvas PBR material textures on gumroad for like a dollar or 2. I know 4k might not seam like a huge step up, but 2k representing nearly a meter vs 4k representing 15cm is a pretty huge leap in detail and makes a world of difference when the material is the hero, and if you do grab it off gumroad then you can use the material however you like in any of your projects, since it isn’t baked to the UVs. I will update with a gumroad link soon.