Free character

It’s snake from MGS3. There are a lot of actions and logic bricks you should get rid of but other than that I don’t need it.

Looks very nice made. I was never a big MGS fan I was more into Zelda and Mario :stuck_out_tongue:
I have no use for it at the moment. But when I find use for it I will search for this thread again.

But I bet somone out there will find this a big help towards them.

hmm… you gave me an idea Lol I will Pm you later on if your still up or what not.

Keep up the good work :wink:

Hmm… he’s… a little… fat?

Looking good, but he needs to be a bit skinnier…

Interesting face texturing technique. Ive never seen that before. Maybe I just dont look. I usually always make my own characters, but Its always great to learn. Thanks for the model.

awesome I love freebies

Now i’ll go to turbo squid and sell him for you and keep all the duckets. lol jk but now you’ll always wonder about.

Lol now you got me thinking are my .blend file’s safe well the free ones I gave out long time ago ?

Question that will never be answered Lol

Joking. Anyways I sent you a pm Jazz hope you read it and pm me back :wink:

Thats one of the reasons many great artists don’t post their wips. People use them as building blocks to copy the orginal work, then they sell them or claim them as their own. Man people suck, there could be all sorts of great works to learn from that will never be because of A…holes.
(sorry for the semi off-topic rant)

Lol that is true and to think I was going to release this project here for free if I never finished it.


And knowing this file people would download the editable version very fast o.O
Lol I will stick with releasing small stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Even though thats what I been doing all this time ^^

LOL, I wasn’t trying to persuade people into not giving away the goods. If you hunt around you can find my freeby character here somewhere. Just you need to really detach yourself from it when you let it out into the great ether … internets… It might help yiou care less when you see it else where with someone taking credit for it lol.

excellent work,
thank you for this :slight_smile:

You guys can edit it or do whatever you want with it, it doesn’t really matter to me.

lol I was looking at this thinking man you did a great job painting the lips. And I saw the packed eastwood picture when i was looking through the packed images. I just didn’t put two and two together when I decided to see how you painted it… lol. The face looks pretty good and almost painted I’d never would have guessed. Are all the textures photo refed. I couldn’t tell when it came to outfit. The straps looked a little too consistent, but I wasn’t sure.

Lol, yeah I made that model after watching The good the bad and the ugly. The suit texture was made from a high poly version of the model I used the camoflauge texture and baked it into the final map, the gun has a referenence texture with a high poly model .

Nice !
But how did you make the hair - used alpha tga
not yet downloaded… i’ll know when i downloaded

Wow, that’s impressive!! I can’t model/texture for the life of me like that. I’m jealous…in a good way! I am also curious how you did the hair.


I was making a tutorial but blender crashed again so i’ll just tell you very briefly.

  1. create an opacity map with different brush strokes like this.
  2. blur the image and darken it to create a bump map.
  3. set the second texture as the bump map
  4. add another texture channel and set it to “Clouds”, then give the clouds a dark and light hue for whatever color you want the hair to be.
  5. stretch the opacity map so that it runs along with the hair pattern.
  6. add a camera above the hair object, render it, and save it as PNG with the alpha channel.

just a quick note on the rig…

first off I love the minimalism you are using. just a few small additions might really help you out.:

If you added a “toe” bone to each foot you will get a much better walk cycle.

if you added some bones in the hips, he could slightly gyrate them this will make a more beliveable walkcycle as well.

If you added a “finger” bone for all his fingers, and a thumb chain he could grab things.
some times I will make so that the index finger has a chain, and the rest of the fingers share another. so they can move independently.

his shoulders need to be able to gyrate so he can reach around, and lift things… it is also great for expressions.

you are one of the greatest modelers here… I love your Skinning and your mesh very much :slight_smile:

thanks for the small hair tutorial as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Poof! I’ll use your techniques on my next models.For this one I was shooting for a very smooth frame rate but later found out that number of bones didn’t really make a difference.

Great Man ^^ … , i am a fan of snake too ^^ …