free characters, levels and weapons (for games) I'M BACKI!!!

hey everyone,

I have a character for you.
it’s rigged and everything so tell me what you think.:smiley:

here it is.;10967677;/fileinfo.html
and a few pictures below.:smiley:


I can’t quite put my finger on it but something seems to be missing from your character :p.

Anyway, it’ll come to me eventually, but the rig is pretty good especially in the way that the clothes move slightly with the rest of the body and all the deformations are very good for a low poly model (the shoulders are the only place that the lack of polygons is noticeable). The textures are good except for on the hands where their isn’t much detail, maybe you could add finger (in the texture at least). Overall good work but I wouldn’t call a headless character a finished project.

BradLA will be uploading stuff soon.

thank you!
I made the hands like that on purpose so that when you add a sword it looks as if the hand is wrapped around it.
thanks again.
I’m uploading more stuff now.

hey everyone I have a new level and two new characters.
tell me what you think.:smiley:

OK, here they are!


you can download them here.
main character.;10980655;/fileinfo.html
sameri styled character.;10980731;/fileinfo.html

Hey the models are cool, and the textures too, but their file size are too big! You saved some of those as bmp, that the main problem, save them as png or jpg, and if posible in less than 512x512, it isn’t necesarry to make them bigger :smiley:

Edit: lol, you uploaded some more while I posted

I’ll make them smaller.
in a while.
I first have to texture the samurai style character better.
thanks again!:smiley:

Looks good! For characters, I’d use 512512. For tileable rock, grass, brick, etc., I’d go with 256256 (.tga)
Looking great though!


I would use tga,
but sometimes if there is even the slightest transparency it will mess up.
unless you useing grass or a tree texture of course.
and another problem is that and I’m really used to saving pictures as jpeg. Lol.
thanks though.:smiley:

hey everyone,
i fixed the texture for the samurai styled girl.
I am making a pirate guy next:D

you can download and see it here.:smiley:;10983070;/fileinfo.html




you can download the edited version here.;10983229;/fileinfo.html

They look good… but you make alot of girls :wink: you like breasts don’t you :wink:

I am only making characters.
the reason for making girls was because it is something I had never made before.
and I made a few to test different designs.
I’m going to make a pirate guy next.
I’m not being rude just explaining why I made them.:smiley:
and thanks.

I’m making the pirate guy now.

What have people found to be the best image format for games? I generally use .bmp, but that’s only because my cruddy engine only supports a few, and .bmp’s are the smallest. It also supports .tga’s, but I can’t get them much smaller than .bmp’s anyway. Is there a better, smaller image format?

And nice models dude, the textures could be improved marginally I think, by adding more little details, but that is all time consuming and stuff. That’s the only point I have, nice job!

For my the best image format is PNG, has compression as JPG but without quality loss, it has alpha and has small file size, in general, it can can be saved in 24, 16 and 8 bit image.
In our case blender’s engine, and renderer, also support it, so it’s pretty convenient.

yeah, I think I’ll detail it a bit more.
it may take a bit though cause I have alot of stuff to do still.
and thank you!

They look good. What i don’t get is why no heads?

it’s hard for me to create heads with a body on the same blend.
I have no idea why.

P.S. sorry for not replying instantly but my computer has been down the past few days.