Free Chocofur Arch Viz Shaders

Hey everyone!

Blender and Cycles are amazing, we all know that. However, in some areas they still lack official solutions that could speed up your daily work. Premade Cycles shaders have always been a big topic and I’ve decided trying to solve the problem at least for my own, production needs.

Chocofur Arch Viz Shaders are 12 node groups combined in 5 different base shaders. Each one of these comes in Basic and Advanced version. From very simple, glossy shaders to advanced, double sided vegetation materials I think it’s possible to enclose vast majority of surrounding materials into small yet very flexible group of premade shaders.

All Chocofur Base Shaders are available for free download after logging in your chocofur account (you can create it within 10 seconds). Additionally, I’ve created a complex tutorial describing each shader in detail (over 180 pictures!) and explaining how the node groups work.

Happy Blending!

Great stuff as always! Thanks a lot for sharing! :slight_smile:

thanks, but so bad, is not supported by my ISP server

Thank you very, very much! Went smoothly.


Thank you so much – feels like christmas!
Amazing shaders and really well explained!

Btw … you’re from Munich?

Thankyou for your generosity!

Amazing shaders and tutorials. Thank you!

Just had a look at your chocofur shader 06 fabric advanced… seems like you are using the displacement output for a bump map.

I highly recommend switching across to a vector bump node and plugging that into all the normal inputs on the bsdf nodes and the fresnel node. Why? because it gives the exactly the same results but just faster, your shader went on our systems from 1:51 rendertime to 1:09, with no change to the visuals at all.

As usually lechu done a great job! Thanks!

Thank you so much for sharing this. Great work!

Thank you so much!
This is amazing work you share!