FREE COURSE - BlendMasters Volume 1 - Model a Concept Car for Film in Blender

Hey guys to celebrate the launch of my new course I’m giving away some free seats to the Blender community so I can get some initial feedback about the course and what would be cool to add in some future updates. So please visit the link to my new course and grab one of the free spots while they are still available. Or you can help a brother out and get it for $15 by heading on over to and getting a discount for the launch.

Looking forward to your thoughts–thanks guys!

Use the coupon code “BLENDHEAD” if the link doesn’t apply your free discount. :cool:

doesnt work

Indeed, the couponcode is expired. Looks very promosing though

Weird, it worked fine for me. Havent started watching the course yet but the course was added to my profile.

@ Acolyte: thanks for sharing, looking forward to some spare time when I can start doing the course.

I was able to add it as well. He said in his original post that there were only a few open spots. I’m in the middle of moving but look forward to taking a look at this course once I get settled in.