FREE cpu+gpu renderfarm usage for testing purposes

I got the opportunities to get acces to a large cluster to calculate fluid end special effect and also a gpu render farm. if some of you accept to share their . blend i could render it on the cluster. there is to main goal testing the usability of this cluster for graphics calculation and not science previz. and to be able to present the resuklt to partenaire. so if you share your file you will get them back but the university will ask you the autorization to present the results.
So if you want to share some file post a low def exemple in this thread i will contact you.

Sounds cool, but you should rename this thread to something a little bit more eye-catching if you want attention. Maybe something like “FREE cpu+gpu renderfarm usage for testing purposes”.

true…hope to get some results

Not so much success. any how do not hesitate to contact me or to send me PM.

Sounds awesome, I will most likely take you up on the offer :slight_smile:

Btw out of curiosity, what graphics cards/CPU’s do you use for the render farm?