Free Desert Eagle and tree.

Low poly Desert Eagle and Low Poly tree. I would have put a lot more but some of them are just over the limit. Maybe I’ll put some on a file hosting website soon. I have added a Gold Desert Eagle Now. Its at the bottom


DesertEagle.blend (233 KB)

tree2.blend (891 KB)

i luv u in a strate way

sweet gun maby dull it down a bit

thanks for sharing!

The deagle seems to have a lot of un-necessary polys. You have subdivisions in otherwise flat parts which don’t need extra faces.

But great models nonetheless, and aye, thanks for sharing…

it’s not like i give out free models, anyway

thanks for your responses. i know that i have some faces that i don’t really need. too lazy too clean it up.

Heres a Gold one if anyone wants it.


GoldDesertEagle.blend (240 KB)

If anyone wants any gun I’ll give it to you are make one for you because I need some gun ideas for my game (going really well) and I don’t care if other people have my guns.

Well… i need a net gun for my game. plus it would be quite a fun feature if used in other games…

You mean like a gun that shoots nets? ok, i’ll probobly have in in a day or 2

Your Blender projects are awesome.

Thanks, Want to be on my team?

That would be cool.

Cool. Your in.

how about an ak 47

or a barret sniper

I’ll do the Barrett .50 sniper first. It should be done today or tommorow