Free epilepsy tests

Thanks to Jorzy for the title idea for this thread.
Everyone makes Logos.
And I spend hours screwing around with checking out how lights interact with textures.
I thought it would be nice to have a thread where you can just drop in the vid of your most recent ridiculous light&materials tests, y’know, the ones that are so insane looking you’re too scared to show anyone else… Do one, post on your YouTube, and URL on this thread as a response.
Here’s one! :smiley:

As I explained to someone else, I got into animation because I was an english major and was intrigued with the idea of telling stories with moving images. And the idea of some imaginary moving lights I put on a screen causing people to go into spasms… well, it appealed to me somehow. SO, this is what happens when you give incredible free animation software to bookworms!
At any rate, let’s have a contest to see who can create the most physically visceral LOGO clip using little more than lights and textures. You Cycles, Lux, Octane and Yaf folks are more than welcome to play along. I’m considering redoing this one with Cycles to see what happens…