(free) External renderers help with Blender? ( indigo, yafaray,etc)

I heard of indigo but there isn’t much on the internet about it so can someone plead explain how to use Indigo renderer with Blender 2.56?

Also if you could help me with yafaray also that would be great :slight_smile:

The only external renderer I know how to use is luxrender, and well… That’s not the best. Really here’s just a big shortage of tutorials out there about using external renderers with blender

I believe blender cookie has a few on those… not sure

Could you expand a bit on that statement? That might help us improve your experience.

At this time, 2.56 has really lost a lot of support for external renderers. If you are using 2.49, you can actually use many more renderers. With 2.56, Lux is the only one have been able to get to to work. But Lux is too slow for practical animation work so I have set it aside for now. It can be leveraged for high quality stills.

This is my recent experience.
The Renderman export script does not work.
PovRay crashes.

So we are all kind of in a waiting period until better export scripts are developed.

UPDATE:The Yafaray 2.5 seems to be working though.

Atom, have you tried LuxRender photon mapping with 0.8RC1 or later? It has been fixed and made useable and should help with animations.

@jeanphi_: I have pulled down 0.8RC1 but I have not tried photon mapping yet. So why doesn’t Lux work with the default scene, Yafaray does? It makes the end-user feel like the script does not work when I can plainly see a camera, a cube and a light yet Lux renders a black scene.

Atom: The default cube scene isn’t terribly realistic, when you think about it. It’s a cube floating in nothingness with a strange light coming from an infintely small point above it. FWIW, I get this trying to render it:

So it does work, it just looks really stupid.

I usually recommend people add a ground plane and switch the lamp to an area lamp, which gets you this:

is yafaraay 2.5 a build on graphicall?

i don’t know how to get my materials i made with Blender into luxrender on the graphic all build

From what I have seen, luxrender doesn’t use blender materials, it has it’s own. So you’d have to re-define those materials.

But I’m not that all experienced with it, so I could be wrong.


@J_the_Nina: But you failed to mention that you actually had to turn on the “Run Render” check box and then browse to the path of the LuxRender to produce your Black and White cube result. To a new user, and even me, this seems like it should already be setup for you. I mean I selected the render yet it produced nothing (because Run Render is turned off by default). Shouldn’t the “Run Render” check box be turned on by default? And shouldn’t the AddOn simply know where LuxRender resides? Yafaray simply knows and works as expected.

@hawkeye: Yes, visit www.graphicall.org and you can pulldown a Yafaray for 2.5. It only seems to work for Windows and only 32 bit builds. Yes, it is as buggy as it ever was.

The Yafaray addon includes the engine within the addon itself. LuxRender CAN be run this way (by including Pylux in the addon directory and setting the mode to “internal”) but it’s optional. I think the plan for the final 0.8 release is to include LuxBlend25+Pylux in the installers, so maybe Internal+Run-Renderer enabled should be the default config.

(External + run renderer can’t be default, since it requires a path to the LuxRender executable, which is different on every platform). As for run renderer itself being disabled by default, I didn’t know that was the case. (My startup blend file was saved with it enabled). That probably should be changed.