Free Figther Normal Mapped

Hi, i made this guy an little time ago, and i wanted to post it, use it for wathever you want, controls are:

X: Fire Missiles
Z: Deploy Flares

I hope you like it, i taked a bunch of time doing it


looks nice!

Looks COOL!
Submit? :smiley:

Edit: Added :smiley:

cool beans bro

Rather nice!

How’d you do the trail?

Nice work - I like the levels of texturing and the constant floating motion.

pretty simple, i used an Withe Trail Texture with alpha, gived it an ipo with Alpha Fade Effect, And i used 4 emptyes in the Plane and set it to always add the trail, if you downloaded it, you can see the 2 trails in the second layer and the 4 emptyes in the plane :slight_smile:

Pretty nice. What license do you put it under? Just saying it’s free doesn’t mean anything really :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest you have a look at and then please also upload it there! Thx.

Very nice! I like the reflections alot :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL im not using reflections, i think you are talking about the specular maps