Free File Recovery Tools?

I need a good FREE file recovery tool. It needs to be able to recover from a 250GB SATA drive. I need to recover an 8-10GB AVI file that I unfortunately deleted. I run WinXP PRO SP2 on 2GB of RAM.

Does anyone have any suggestions software that I could use?
I have already tried a lot of shareware programs, but they disable the recovery function until you buy the program.

You could send it to me and I would do it for free. (No guarantee of file recovery though) I have a legally paid for version of winhex.
But I am non SATA

Also I am probably halfway around the world and you would have to pay shipping etc.

Try looking at this site. They suggest a couple of things:

The first suggestion he makes is:

Its free and says it recovers AVIs. I haven’t tried it myself though.


I have used a Stellar Phoenix file recovery software to recover my data.It demo version is free in which you can see the preview of your recoverable file.Once you get the preview go for full version to get your data back.May be it will help you out to solve your problem.