Free font creation software?

Yup, I’m at it again and this time I am wondering if any of you guys knows of free software which allows the user to create his own fonts.
Preferably, I’d like to be able to create truetype fonts (you know, with vector graphics. those work better for sizing) but if bitmapped is as far as I can get, the that’ll do.
In this case , I really don’t care for it’s license as long as it isn’t a x-days trial or imposes watermarks or similar “look! this was created with our software! WORSHIP US!!!”-marks.
Any suggestions?

Well, there is FontForge, which is open source, but it needs to be run from Cygwin.

Is there a FontForge package available as a Windows executable or installer? I can see different Linux-based distro’s, but no Windows installers.

Oops, looks like you posted just before I edited my post. You need to download Cygwin and follow the instructions on this page.

Wow, CygWin requires quite a bit of space.
I might’ve liked FontForge, but it’s not worth installing CygWin for me. Even the minimum requirements are a lot.
Thanks for sharing FontForge anyway, Friday!

Oh, well. If you find a(nother) good font editor, please post about it here.
That webpage has several font creators, but most of them are proprietary. I’m testing out FontTools as we type. FontTools consists of several small applications rather than one nice app with a smooth GUI. And I don’t quite get it… Ah well…

I discovered that Windows has a built-in font editor.
Just type in “eudcedit.exe” in the “Run…” thingy in the start menu. Learn about it @
It’s raster-based, so no funky vectors for us, but it’s a good start.

Another program, FPE, can edit the properties of fonts. Now you can pretend Times New Roman was invented by Ton! You can find it @

Knoppix DVD version comes with FontForge.

Remind me to ask the guys of Inkscape to allow export to TTF files…