free G.E. memory in runtime

Hi all,
Is possible to free memory in the G.E. during its runtime, in order to keep always stable the amount of allocated memory, for example deallocating the memory of all the game objects that go further some distance from the camera ?

Thank you

no, its not possible and probably wont be possible in the short term. though I did some experements with add/removing objects at runtime, if the number of objects could be upwards of 1-2million then it may make sense to build this functionality into the BGE and perhaps page data to disk, but for now its not a priority.

Ok, so you’re saying that i can handle, let’s say 500000 objects with relative mesh(1500 polys for each mesh) , textures, dynamic constraints without worry about memory and speed issues?:eek:
Thank you

Hrm. benoit did some work to speed up larger scenes but my guess is 500000 is still to big.
so short answer is no- I dont think this will work out of the box.

However there are ways around this. recently I posted this…
I still need to test with 100’000’s of objects but I suspect it will work since KD trees scale well.

great job !
i’ll do some tests on in this scene.
thank you very much!