Free game character (animations)

my blend

my wip

My logic setup is kind of confusing but if your wondering how I did any thing I can break it down for you.

Includes a walk, run, turn and jump
shift+W, W, A,D, Spacebar

Edit here are the texture maps if you want to make changes to the character.

Hey, not too bad

Thanks! It looks great. Nice bra!:smiley:
Just kidding. Seriously though, it looks really good.

lol your the second one to say that shakes head i should have left the jacket idea out it would have removed any thought of that. lol

That or make it look more body-armorish with a black interior and metal outline. Maybe.

Of course, if you removed it I could have made a comment about his man-boobs.

I always wondered what Keanu Reeves would look like in a red teddy! Lol!

I’m sorry, I have to stop now.

Wow! You put a lot of work into this!

i was trying to avoid any armor kind of a final fantasy clothig rules but I don’t have enough creativity to really come up with stylish clothing designs. That or the skill to paint them out. FF characters tend to only have armor on the arm somewhere and several layers of clothing. So i tried to stick with that after i decided on the gloves when playing around with concepts. The red sleeve is part of the undershirt check my wip and go to the first page and you’ll see what i was striving for with the undershirt.

Nice, but add a lightsource and then go into UV face select mode and select all the faces on the character model and then press W. After that select the Light option. Turn down the specular and then you’re textured character will have real time lighting on him. Or maybe you knew that already.

Yeah, painting is tough. Your way better at it then I am. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the texture baking option.

Hey, maybe the right gold pattern in it would help? Gold would compliment the gloves.

Nice job! That’s a great texturing job, and the animations ran great too. I like how you had the feet moving when he turned left and right, since quite a few people forget about it.

One thing I would like to comment on is his jacket. You see how it expands at his waist? I suggest you smooth that out a bit, so it doesn’t look like he has fat hips. :wink:

Keep up the excellent work. :slight_smile:

Thanks facemania I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was something bugging me about the shot from the back. I just really wasn’t happy with the shape of the character from that view. And now that I think about it … (i’ve spent a lot of time staring at it) I know exactly what you mean. I’ll have to be careful trying to change it. I should have thought more carefully about the issues with having hanging polys near the front of the legs. The legs can pass through them, but i’ll play with it a bit.

You did a great job on the walking now I’m curious to see the fighting animation. Maybe with an alternating property so he slashes one way and then the other? That would be cool.

The first picture was a render and i didn’t bother working out gettting alphas to show so here an ingame

My idea for attacking was to use a timer slash property that would initiate on the first slash (left mouse click) then if second click came within a certain amount of time it would run the next slash animation reset the timer and check wait for a third. Each slash would increase a slash count property so you could only make three slashes.

I split up the jump animation to include a separate fall animation so aerial moves could be inserted and the fall animation would still play when you quit swinging in the air. I think creating cross body slashes for when running and using the same arm animation for the jump slashes would make things simpler.

Great hair!

HOLY…CRAP. That is good. adding shading to it makes it way better, and it would of helped if the man bra wearing guy ran a bit faster, but…it’s overall awsome.

Yeah if you want to adjust the speed go through the logic and increase the run v and there is also also another veolicty attached to the run jump that would need to be increased to match. Then open the action editor get to the run action hit A then S (make sure the green line is on frame 1) and then scale the run animation making it shorter (so it will run quicker). Then in the armature logic change the number of frames to match the new action for the run animation.

Oh and feel free to take what you want. If you only wanted to use the head or sword or armature for a project, feel free. I’ll update the top post with the texture maps, Not sure if you can extracted them from a packed blend or not, If there is a way let me know.