Free game that's actually great

I just went to download and play it and went…like…wow…wish blender made this!!!

Quite impressive, i love the graphics, very original style.

its only for windows…

Then get Windows?

Don’t use Linux and then bitch because it doesn’t support these kind of things. Keep some dignity.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t run most modern games and brag about being a linux user.

I read on the Crystal Space website that it will be integrated into Blender via add-on, if this is true then Blender will very much be capable of this and more soon. Crystal Space is a powerful engine.

That game doesn’t work for me, and I have windows. It shows the title and minimizes itself ad infinum.

Try cedega or wine to run it. I might download it to see if it runs under cedega.

Linux, MacOS and Windows versions are planned.

Yeah, there’s a lot of talk about that in the Game Engine forum. It’s called CrystalBlend and there are already some test binaries available.

Then get Windows?

Don’t use Linux and then bitch because it doesn’t support these kind of things. Keep some dignity.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t run most modern games and brag about being a linux user.

It’s also free (because they want to recruit ppl to the army) and it looks really good, huge download though, im doing it right now, and its gonna take 10 hours. But its free and it may be worth it.l

A couple of free (probably crappy) games to start:

I agree that America’s Army Special Forces is probably the best free game I’ve seen. The Windows version is here:

Mac version is here:

Or get one of the best games ever - a free clone of bust-a-move:

Open source flight sim:

Some games here:

I think Quake 2 is available free now - seems to be from that site.

This site:

has a game like super monkey ball and a golf game for all platforms. The golf game is like crazy golf and it is included with the neverball download.

How about an old classic:

sorry, that one’s Mac only but there are probably other clones of that game.

How about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:

Mac-only again and here’s some more:

Here’s a cross-platform one - tron:

Lastly here’s some more Mac games - including quake 1 and 2:

Of course you guys could also get a SNES emulator and hundreds of the best games on the planet. As with a lot of things in life, not 100% legal but still fun. :slight_smile: You can’t beat Donkey Kong, Mario, Mega Man X, bomberman, cool spot, Earthworm Jim, Flashback, Killer Instinct, Lemmings, Micro Machines, Mortal Kombat, Out of this World, Street Fighter, wolfenstein 3D, Worms and Zelda.

Or the original Harvest Moon - That was a GREAT game. :slight_smile:

osxrules - One you didn’t mention :wink:

these are hell good:

Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe:

  • Excellent game for free… too good to ignore maybe…


  • based on monolith’s blood - too good… i’ve played that… and i do it now too… has network gaming and bots too… that actually work a lil smartly…

of course… there are plenty of free stuff out there… but the above 2 are really worth it…

I’ve found a whole load of free classic games. It’s classed as abandonware since it is no longer profitable - that’s what the SNES game would be too. I just came across Leisure Suit Larry 7 - the predecessor to Magna Cum Laude. It was a Mac and PC title but I only found the PC version. I’m running it under Virtual PC. It is a really funny (but smutty) game. It’s a bit like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

It also runs under DOSBox if Linux users have trouble running it with WINE.

For old Mac games, the best place is:

For a lot of classic Windows games (that can be run under Mac/Linux) go to this site:

^^ that’s the link for Leisure Suit Larry 7 but just type in the search box or browse for other stuff.

To download, you need to register but you don’t need to authenticate the account so feel free to use phoney info :). There are older Larry games there too from way back (1,2,3,5,6) - there wasn’t a version 4. They are all pretty funny IMO.

Oh yeah and discworld’s there too ;).

If you don’t have broadband, you can get most of these titles for free in local libraries anyway. I got phantasmagoria from my local library as well as the Discworld CDs. Can’t think why they didn’t stock Leisure Suit Larry :P.

They also have Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Sin, Wolfenstein 3D and the original Unreal. The site also has links if you want buy the games second hand. Again, if you don’t have broadband, you might prefer to pay a couple of euros to get it shipped to you.

it installs & runs perfectly in Wine. I just installed the Wine beta, and I wanted something to test it out with, and this worked great. 8)