free GameMaker Studio

Hello every one!

I’m just doing this post bco some of you might be interested, today and in some coming days the standard version of Game Making Studio will be for free, usually it is like 50$ or something. Personally I prefer the blender game engine over this, but free is always free, and to trying something new out is never an bad thing.

And as i understood it, if you get it now, you can keep it for free even after the offer have expired.

have a nice day!

I wonder how much of my old GameMaker 4.1 - 6 knowledge still applies, I know there’s been a lot of changes since then so I don’t know.

Back in the day, I made over 20 finished games with GameMaker before moving fully to the BGE (I initially wanted to make 3D games but couldn’t because the engines either required programming knowledge or were too expensive). I was simply known as ‘Adam’ on the boards, but I never bothered to redeem it when the community moved to the new YoYo Games forum. I was only 13 when I started using that software (12 years ago).

Since I have worked with doing 2D in the BGE, it might be tricky to go back to tilesets, doing 2D in a 3D software is like having the vector graphics freedom of Flash with the graphics fidelity of traditional engines.

Thank you for this. It’s good to know that finally a piece of coding excellence will be available to the pedestrian at no cost.

They must be feeling the pinch from products like Construct and Unity for them to offer the standard edition for free.

So many new Unity-made 2D game entries have been showing up on IndieDB (along with countless 3D games) that it’s almost as if the site is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity Technologies, it seems clear that GameMaker is starting to lose out to Unity in this case much like what may have happened to the Shiva Engine.

Unity doesn’t really have any competition putting it under a serious (or even a moderate) threat and it’s up for debate on whether or not that is good or bad (the new version of Unity for example is considered the most unstable release in a while and some unfixed bugs have even cost people a lot of money due to not being able to fulfill promises to their clients or fanbase).

What also might not help is the mass-proliferation of free or cheap 2D game makers that have similar functionality, GameMaker these days is among the more expensive options if you want to publish to all platforms (and to think it was free software when I first started using it).

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