free head model to make render tests

This is a test head that I sculpted on this video:

You can download the .blend file here:
Textures are packed in it.

Feel free to make better shader and/or textures and better renders.
PSDs contains the layers for ao, small holes etc…

This is two glsl shot:

Oh, and you can make good fur! :slight_smile:

Please somebody make a mirror of the .rar! Thank you.

Hey Endi - it’s really cool. Although I was quite shocked at the 22 meg download.

Thaks for sharing! I watched your video the other day, very impressive!


Note: you must turn off the rimlight texture, because with the new apricot builds the Nor mapping is bad.

[sarcasm]You suck Endi, you should just quit the 3D graphics field. You never do any good art and you never give any advice.[/sarcasm]

Lol, seriously though, awesome work and thanks for sharing this with us, this is a great contribution to the community.\

I also just watched you timelapse of the retopo of the head (I didn’t know previously that you had posted it) and I noticed the one thing I’ve been doing wrong all along with the retopology, I’ve been just drawing topology onto the mesh with the pen tool and such (which is why I firgured retopo was’nt for me) instead of actually extruding vertices and letting the retopo snap them to the mesh for me. So in short, thankyou very much for posting that video, it helped me out a lot and will make my modeling a lot easier.


a new render test

ah this is much better

Are these renders or BGE? Looks spectacular, I guess yu’re using the usual lighting and material setup?

22.55 meg = the price of gold!
thanks endi

the last two are renders because of the sss

So who needs SSS?

The texturing is terrific; with a level of subsurf it looks (near?) photoreal, definitely good enough for cinematic animation by my eye, and renders crazy fast without SSS. If the mouth were split open, I’d probably try and rig it!

I’m very interested in this workflow! Did you sculpt the pores with a procedural texture? I’d love a gander at the settings.

All around great work, thanks for such an inspirational contribution!

Great use of DOF on that one render! I know it’s not the main point of the thread though, so… thanks for sharing :wink:

Oh, I hadn’t seen this thread,
thanks a lot for sharing Endi, your model is great. :slight_smile: I’m gonna do some tests with it with my new lafortune shader :smiley:

Sure, here you go. :slight_smile:

hey, nobody try to make a render or something? :slight_smile:

I would like to but I cant enter rapidshare here at work.
Could someone upload to depositfiles or easy-share…

Ol’ clown
looks better with pupils - you like it :slight_smile: ?


Good Lord, that’s terrifying.

Great model, Endi!