free head reference images

I remember a while back that had a bunch of free celebrity head references. They were nice frontal and profile combinations.

I can’t find them now, so I guess they stopped doing that; seems you have to sign up for a membership.

I googled but came up with nothing useful. Does anyone know of a good repository of head references?


I dunno… You could do pictures of your own head! went to a pay site. There is still some free stuff there, but not as good as the pay stuff.

Just do a google search and you should find most of what you want.


I find that good head reference pictures - front and side in proportion - are hard to find.

I’ve taken to using MakeHuman to create reference pics.
One day I might even manage to model a head that looks better than :smiley: .


I ead a good tip on another forum… search plastic surgery sites…and fan sites for famous persons, can still be a bit hard to get side shots though.

find a camera
find a good-looking person near you
ask him-her to pose for you (tell them you’ll make them stars, this always works :wink: )

use images as reference

spotted this post on cgtalk

which leads here
which points out this site
couple of nice rugged street people to play with :slight_smile:
I’m going to give them a go :slight_smile:

I´m being new to 3d modeling and blender in particular. How do I use reference images, or better: how can I load them into blender?

View->Background Image (in the 3D view’s header)

man, that was a fast answer! :smiley:

thanks a lot!