[Free] Hgen - hair generate and manipulation tool - GET YOUR SUSAN A HAIR CUT!

This is a blender hair generation and manipulating tool, i hope it’s bring comfort for users to working with blender hair particles system. it’s a beta version so if there’re any problem please report it to me so i could improve it even more
here’s a demo trailer:

get it now for free on gumroad : https://gum.co/HGen_nd9h
basic document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GccbGKcODk7Phki1wR3tcTa10jndxKFX_o4uVIeqFCc/edit?usp=sharing
available on blender market soon
do you like it or not ? comment and let me know what do you think and how can i improve it.
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vow really nice. thanks


i like it, usefully.

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@ND9H That’s awesome! I think many people will be happy with it. Thanks for your generosity.
Update: I played around with it, and a world opens. I think this is the way you should do hair. Really amazing.

One idea is to improve where the guide will start when you paint it. For example is it possible to start around the mouse cursor. Or maybe snap to surface. So that the curve will be positioned where you expect it a bit.


feedback noted :heart:


I didn’t get the add-on yet and likely won’t have the chance to test it for a while, yet I’ll already gush over this if you don’t mind! :joy:

One of the biggest challenges in using the Blender’s current particle hair system is the inability to quickly select intermediate hair keys and snap them to the cursor. Solving intersections is a terribly boring affair consuming a lot of time and effort. But your add-on will likely solve both issues! Thank you, I can’t wait to try it because this looks amazing!


haha i have same issue like you so i think most of people does too, that’s why this addon came out :joy:
in the future i would try upgrade it so it’s could working with both hair particles and hair cards for game engines too