(gnomis) #1

I just stumbled on this site Check it out theres some useful stuff here

(Jamesk) #2

That’s excellent! Finally a site owner who’s understood that textures need to be BIG… Thanks for the link, dude!

(Enzoblue) #3

Yeah thanks for the link! Got some nice stone textures, the kind of stone we just don’t have in america. Great stuff.

(bgrav) #4

excellent, thanks mate! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Timonides) #5

Thanks very much fr the link man…

I always apreciate when someone posts a nice texture link…

Another excellent site with free textures is this (perhaps you allready know about it, but I’ll post it just in case… :wink: )

I think it’s one of the bigest textures resource on the web.

Hope this helps a little bit more…


(yuggly) #6

I was just looking for something just like that! Thanks, you saved me a lot of wasted time trying to find a resource as good as that one.