Free Hosting for personal simple web?

I want to create a personal website no professional, very simple, I will use 10-100 MB. Which company do you recommend me with free hosting? With no ads if it is possible.

And some free domain like this?

If this is fake, i will hurt you…
Thanks for the link tho. =)

have a look at I’ve had my site hosted there for over a year and it’s been reliable and free. downside is it won’t let you host video without paying. you can however link your site to YouTube, it’s not ideal but it’s a start.
you can view my site at

Google Sites (or whatever its called) works pretty well for my simple site.

100mb storage, free, domain hosting (I think, I have mine redirected from enom), no ads AFAICT, etc…

Anyhoo, took very little time or skill to make the pointless site in my sig.

Is it possible ftp in Google Sites?


Can’t do your own index.html either.

They also keep threatening to convert Sites over to some pseudo-wiki thing they have so you might not even be able to sign up under Google Sites anymore.

Worst that happens is you sign up, don’t like it and then use it as a dumping ground for hotlinking images and such since they don’t kill your account like other free hosts if there is too little activity.

Plus, the more google stuff you use the more ‘invite only’ things they let you beta test like Google Voice.

if you are familliar with python, you could look into google app engine, looks very good for a free service. you could load your static html’s as templates with a simple python script (it doesn’t have “real” file-storage, just some kind of database…)