Free IES-Light library available

Hi folks

I created a site where I will publish 160k+ IES-Profiles including preview image.
The site is brand new, at the moment there are only 30k files online (growing)

In the future we plan to add tags and rating

You find the site here:

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Wow really nice presentation excellent work

Very well done!

Excellent! Great compilation and better interface.

We just reached +50k entries and added an overview of the manufacture here:

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Very very cool, thanks for your hard work.

We reached almost 75k!
We also provided tags to filter it… Tagging all those files will take some time…
Next I plan to add a “How To”
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Thank you thank you. So needed

The good job. Thanks

Great job! Thank you. I do have collected thousands of IES light files and, if I can make a suggestion, I would say that getting the IES files is not an issue, even previewing them, but the great missing thing is that in reality (or, this is my workflow) you should start from the lamp holder, depending on its usage and destination. Then you can get the proper IES file.
For this reason I have first to choose the right lamp holder from the manufacturer’s catalog, then get the IES file for that specific lamp.

The problem is that those fixture images are proprietary and I don’t know if they might be “read” and reused somewhere else. Therefore, an alternative solution would be to at least use categories and sub-categories to define the practical application of the lamp and its placement (interior, exterior, comm. buildings, floor, wall, hanging, etc. these are only examples).

Anyway, sorry for the long post and thank you again for what you’ve done.

I almost fell over yesterday…
Andrew Price (a.k. BlenderGuru) mentioned in his newsletter!

made a quick video

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Great tutorial, thx for this :+1:
I added a timeline to

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Mr Furrer
Is it possible to download the ies files in the library in bulk total to allow working offline?
Thanks for the valuable library
Bob H

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Hi Bob
You cannot download bulk-files from ieslibrary, I will add a feature to download all favorites of logged-in users soon :wink:
But you can download all ies-files from the manufacturer’s webpage.
You find all manufacturers I used here:

After unpacking the files you can use the IES-Viewer to create the preview: (I used blender, so I have a real preview from the blender-standpoint)
Some manufacturer from europ use ldt (eulumdat), you have to convert them into ies (with the IES-Viewer)
Best regards
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Thanks. Some YouTube guy said that he heard bulk download could work. Second hand without details does not help. Thanks for your suggestion and work. My goal is to create multi-functional value with light: art and illumination and inspiration

Last week (October 21 and 22) the ies library was completely downloaded via Python script.

So it is possible to do bulk downloads! Simple Python script (a 12 year old can do that) then load every page from every manufacturer and use the ID to download the data (download link is always “[ID]” and[ID])

Although I don’t know what the last visitor does with the ldt’s, it looks to me as if someone wants to create a “competitor” page. That is why I have now changed the license for the images, the ies and ldt are still freely available, as they never belonged to me.

Personally, I find such behavior a little doubtful, the traffic for such a download orgy is at the expense of the website operator, so thanks to all the script kiddies out there…

Thank you for creating such an amazing website