free image hosting sites?

Don’t know if this is the best place to post this question, but…

I’ve been using photobucket to host my images, however it appears (and maybe I’m doing something wrong) that the images are reduces in quality when I upload them. I downloaded an image I posted and compared it to the original (a screen capture image) and there was a significant reduction in quality.

What are some good image hosting sites? Photobucket is nice because it generates an IMG tag.

Just wondered what you use



I’ll give it a try. Have you had any issues with image quality?

As long as you stick to the limitations timageshack suggest and you are smart about how you upload, there is zero quality reduction, what you upload is what gets hosted.

I’ve got no idea how they make a profit to be honest, they really are quite good.

well, Flickr is cool, though you need to create a Yahoo account… it won’t accept Google accounts, sadly (but understandable, Google and Yahoo are competitors…as far as i know. Google might have bought Yahoo as well, i don’t know)

i don’t know about the image reduction though :expressionless:

You may see a reduced quality thumbnail version of your image but the links it gives you are to the actual image.

Hi In my opinion is best free Image hosting site…


Several of the people who frequent this forum post their work at deviantart too.

Make sure you really need the high quality you’re asking for.

Most image hosting sites will knock down the quality of images they think are unreasonable, and I know photobucket has been responsible for hosting some of the most stupidly oversized and slow-loading images around here, so I imagine it’s pretty lenient.

I went through some of your past posts. You seem to be resizing most images sensibly in the picture frame sense, but the images you are posting are pngs without much compression. For someone without high-speed internet, they are slow to load. I’m really glad you’ve used the forum thumbnails, providing a less intrusive way of allowing the viewer to decide whether they wish to see the full sized version (as opposed to “in your face, now you have to wait for it all” direct linking)

For every image I’ve seen you host, I could easily get a similar looking jpg which would load in half the time or less.

Ditto on
Generates IMG tags as well.